University of Birmingham Report: Poverty among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

The Report concludes that:

“The review of evidence suggests that enforced poverty and destitution is a central feature of UK asylum policy, as compromising poor housing and a reduced level of welfare benefits. Many asylum seekers and refugees have endured persecution including rape, torture, multiple loss and denial of basic human rights: their poverty does nothing to alleviate the on-going physical and mental after effects. This review suggests that reducing the incidence of poverty and destitution as a matter of urgency would i) improve the quality and fairness of the asylum process and ii) lead to improved refugee health, wellbeing and integration.

View the report here.

Home Office declares that asylum support rates will not increase despite high court challenge

Lisa Doyle, Head of Advocacy at the Refugee Council, said: “This is a shocking decision which will only serve to ensure that asylum seekers are trapped in poverty. We are extremely alarmed that the Government looked at the evidence and then concluded that it’s happy with people being forced into a situation where they struggle to eat or get the medication they need.”

View the Home Office Asylum Support Letter here

High Court rules that Home Office policy on asylum support rates is unlawful

The High Court has ruled that Home Secretary Theresa May was ‘irrational’ in her decision making and ‘misunderstood information’ when setting the cripplingly low level of financial support paid to people seeking asylum in UK.

View the Judgment summary here…

Manchester City Council votes unanimously for a motion against destitution

Manchester Council has voted unanimously in favour of a motion against destitution – becoming the eleventh Council to take this step. The motion raises concerns about the effects of poverty and homelessness on the well-being and dignity of people who have come here to seek safety and had their cases refused.

Red Cross report on destitution in Greater Manchester

A humanitarian crisis is gripping Greater Manchester and has left many of the area’s most vulnerable people homeless and destitute for more than a decade, research by the British Red Cross has found. You can read this report below:

“A decade of Destitution: Time to make a change”

Freedom from Torture report The Poverty Barrier

‘The Poverty Barrier’ is a ground-breaking report which provides the most comprehensive study to date of experiences of poverty among survivors of torture during and after their passage through the UK’s asylum system. You can read this report here:

“The right to rehabilitation for survivors of torture in the UK”

Freedom from Torture – Torture survivors’ photo project

To mark the release of Freedom from Torture’s ‘Poverty Barrier’ report survivors were given disposable cameras and asked if they would be interested in giving us their own visual representations of poverty in the UK. You can see this project here:

Photos and experience of survivors of torture.