About Us

The Survivors of Torture Relief Fund is a charity dedicated to the relief of financial hardship among survivors of torture who are refugees, or asylum seekers, and their dependents by providing grants to charities in Greater Manchester whose role is to provide therapeutic care for refugees and asylum seekers who have suffered state-inflicted torture.

Our grants make a real difference to survivors of torture

Jude Boyles, Manager Freedom from Torture North West says:

“The Survivors of Torture Relief Fund gives Freedom from Torture North West a quarterly grant so that we are able to give a weekly payment to destitute survivors of torture £10.00, and we are also able to assist at other times of crisis or need. This £10.00 is the only income those clients have. One of our clients summed up what the grant means when he said:

‘I have been homeless for many months and I don’t understand why I am living like this. It will really help to have this grant as I don’t know that I could carry on living like this without some help. It is important that you recognise the situation we are in. This is not our fault. It is very frightening and depressing not having anything’. ”

How you can help

Many survivors of torture live a life of destitution or hardship while receiving psychological therapy from charities struggling to provide this essential service. By making a donation to the Survivors of Torture Relief Fund you will help make it possible for people to recover from the trauma of torture.

To make a donation please use the link below:

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Survivors of Torture Relief Fund
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Tel: 07748189837