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Team Raises £1,266.25 in Derwent Water Trail Run

A big thank you to all those who sponsored the runners, from left to right Kirsten, Aidan, Jude, Joe and Alice  (and Wolfy the dog who ran everywhere), who ran the hilly Derwent Water Trail to raise money for the Survivors of Torture Relief Fund. The Team exceeded their target of £1,000 and, so far, have raised a magnificent £1,266.25
A big thank you to all the runners, and especially to Alice who organised the fund raising event.
Derwent WaterTrail

‘Hostile Environment’: Home Office loses 75% of immigration rulings and 20-year wait for Home Office ruling cause untold misery and poverty

A Guardian report 17 August 2018 has revealed that all too often asylum seekers wait up to 20 years for a decision on their asylum claims. For much of that time, asylum seekers endure poverty and destitution. The report quotes Stephen Hale, chief executive Refugee Action: “Forcing people to wait more than 15 years for a decision on their asylum claim while banned from work and living below the poverty line is utterly barbaric”.

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A further Guardian report 03 September 2018 reveals that the Home Office loses 75% of appeals against Home Office rulings. In the vast majority of cases, asylum seekers with meritorious claims, upheld by a judge, are unnecessarily challenged by the Home Office. Often, they will have waited in poverty for years for the initial tribunal ruling only to be condemned to further delay. The report cites Mr. Justice McClosky, the former president of the upper tribunal condemning the home secretary for launching an appeal, saying, “It was manifestly devoid of any substance or merit and should have been exposed accordingly.”

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