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How Britain’s asylum system fails the most vulnerable

Not only is the recent small increase in the weekly asylum cash payment wholly inadequate, many asylum seekers wait for long periods of time for the minimal support they are entitled to. A Refugee Action Report, Slipping through the Cracks: How Britain’s Asylum System Fails the Most Vulnerable, analyses the delays and describes the effects on vulnerable asylum seekers. The report was based on research by Refugee Action and the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit’s asylum support project, Asylum Support Housing Advice (ASHA).

Of the 315 cases supported by Refugee Action or Asylum Support Housing Advice (ASHA) reviewed:

  • 50% of applications for emergency support (section 98) were wrongly refused, with 92% of these decisions overturned when challenged;
  • People waited an average of 2 months to receive long term financial and accommodation support and 3 months to receive just financial support.
  • People were left in initial accommodation for an average of 37 days, almost double the Home Office’s maximum target of 19 days. This left many in squalid, unsuitable conditions.


To read the Report click here: Slipping Through the Cracks – A Refugee Action Report

Increase in Asylum Support Rate Condemned as ‘Paltry’

The Home Office response to a consultation on the cash support provided to asylum seekers has been to increase weekly payments from £36.95 to £37.75 per week: an increase of 80p per week, or just over 11p per day. This increase came into effect on the 5th February 2017. Cashless support for asylum seekers who have submitted a fresh claim remains at £35.39p: they receive no increase at all.

Refugee Action, whose response to the consultation recommended that asylum support rates should be at least 70% of mainstream benefits, expressed disappointment at the small increase, which has beencondemned as ‘paltry’ by the Refugee Council.

To see the Refugee Action press release click here:

To see the Refugee Council press release release click here: