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Didsbury Band ‘Frets’ supports Survivors of Torture


The band Frets played at an event in Didsbury, Manchester on the 24 May 2015 in support of an appeal by the Survivors of Torture Relief Fund which raised £277.00.

Thanks to Frets and to all those who supported the appeal.

Reduction in Asylum Support Rates for Families

From the 10 August 2015 all asylum seekers will receive a standard rate of £36.95 per week irrespective of age. Currently, children under 16 are granted £52.96 and so the effective cut for a couple with 2 children would be £30.64 each week.

Ministers said the cuts, which would affect more than 27,800 destitute asylum seekers, were being made because the current payment system resulted in families with children in particular receiving “significantly more cash than is necessary” to meet their essential living needs.

The Refugee Council described the cuts as “utterly appalling” for families who were not allowed to work and said they would plunge children further into poverty: “We suspect the only place that families can live on this amount of money is in the imagination of government ministers,” the council’s policy officer, Judith Dennis, said.